2007-05-29: Branson, MOPhotos

Holly and I went to visit her aunt and uncle in Tempe, MO, about 45 minutes outside of Branson. Unfortunately, we weren't able to hang out with them much, as they were pretty busy, but we did get to visit with them for a while and they seemed like pretty cool people overall. Holly and I kept ourselves busy throughout the weekend with a show, caves and a visit to a nice little nature park. We actually intended to go kayaking on the lake at that park, being the only amenable day we had all weekend for this sort of thing, but, unfortunately, they had only recently decided not to do kayaking on Mondays (it was Memorial Day weekend). Still a fun weekend and we got at least a few good pics out of it. Enjoy.

2007-05-20: Oklahoma City ZooPhotos

Holly was in town this weekend celebrating her birthday. We've been meaning to get to the OKC Zoo for a while now and finally found a nice weekend to do so. Pretty much took it easy the rest of the weekend and didn't really get any good photos until we broke out the camera for the zoo trip.

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2006-11-29: Vail, COPhotos

Just got back from a snowboarding trip to Vail, CO with some friends. Check out the photos.

2006-07-14: Family ReunionPhotos

I recently went on a trip to Iowa for a family reunion. It was fairly short (up on Friday, back on Sunday), but I had a good time. I drove up with Holly and my brother, Rich. Despite having every good intention of being on the road by 3 pm*, we didn't actually get going until around 5:30. Now, according to Google maps, this is a 8.5 hour trip, which should have put us there at about 2am. So you can imagine our relief when we arrived at our destination at around midnite, a mere 6.5 hours after departure. So yeah, don't trust the trip length on Google maps, unless maybe you actually plan on driving the speed lmiit the whole way (who does that?).

We slept at a campsite at the lake, where the reunion was being held. This turned out to be a fairly interesting experience. Anyone who knows me knows I'm not generally the type to get up early on the weekends. This being said, I was up no later than 8:30 am every day, with no alarm clock mind you... or at least not one of the conventional sort. My alarm clock on this occasion was the sun. But it wasn't the light that got me up, oh no. This loving bundle of energy jumped the temperature up to about 90 degrees in the tent by about that time (ok, I didn't actually measure this, but it was freaking HOT!) Unfortunately, being curled up in a nice cozy sleeping bag did nothing to cure the problem, though ditching it didn't help as much as I'd hoped either.

Despite this, I still had a pretty good time hanging out with family, playing some volleyball and keeping my sisters at bay. Kinda wish I could have stayed longer... or at least kept driving at the end. It always kinda bums me out to have vacations end, as short as they may be.

* It should be noted that the 3pm time frame was dictated by the fact that Holly was not able to leave Weatherford (due to a test) until noon. With a 3 hour drive time to Claremore (where Rich was), that optimistically puts us heading for Iowa around 3pm. It wasn't just procrastination... this time.